Individuals/Personal Rates

Minimum: $10 

For quick fixes – color correcting, black & white/color FX, blemish removal, minimal shadow removal, minor cosmetic changes, minor restoration such as cracks on edges or other damage that doesn’t interfere with people in the photo.

Moderate Fixes/Restoration: $35

Color changes, moderate shadow removal, moderate to complex “cosmetic surgery,” cracks/burns/water damage/tears that affect people/subjects, basic person/item removal from photo, more advanced color FX.

*Subject to price quote based on difficulty

Advanced Fixes/Restoration: $50+ (Price Quote Required)

Severe damage restoration, major cosmetic changes, background alteration/removal/replacement, merging of two or more photos/subjects, all other heavy editing.

Pro Rates

Are you a professional photographer, studio or corporation? Please email for pro rates or rates for large, batch jobs.