Photo restoration progression

My most recent photo restoration needed several different things done to it, so I decided to show the progression.

Here’s the original. It is showing age with cracks, yellowing, tape marks, dust and scratches. The horse is also so dark, you can’t really make out any detail in her.



First up, the client wanted the photo rotated to bring the horses rear down. I lightened the picture so we can see some detail.



Next, I colored in the sky blue; repaired the scratches, dust, cracks, etc.; and did a bit of color correction to the background.



Getting closer! Here I colored the horse, and did more color editing to the background.



Finally, I expanded the sky and ground to fill in the empty space left from rotating the picture, removed the tape, filled in the horse’s tail, removed the bright sunny spot on the horse’s back, and did some final color editing.